Specially designed for Escuela de Práctica Jurídica, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, this 2-week online training programme, designed and taught by professors of the University of Law, will provide an introductory and practical approach to key topics within key common law issues. In addition, an emphasis will be provided on developing delegates legal English skills, focussing primarily on vocabulary, written style and spoken communication in legal contexts.

This University of Law online programme has been designed for future/current lawyers looking to gain an international perspective with a focus on the UK and US common law systems.

In terms of the common law topics, the programme will review the concept of the rule of law and the doctrine of precedent alongside the role of statutory laws. The tutor will cover the differences between civil and criminal law and their respective court systems. This will be contrasted with the equivalent systems in the USA. The legal industry as a whole will be considered, including the roles of solicitors and barristers in the UK and their respective governing bodies. Delegates will also consider the concept of the law firm as a business enterprise and the importance of good management, marketing, and strategic thinking in developing a successful legal business, together with the factors that influence a client’s choice of law firm. The programme will be interactive and will include a virtual tour of one of the great legal institutions in the UK.

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