• An overview of the UK Legal Services Market looking at the importance of legal services to the UK economy and how providers of legal services in general are regulated in the UK.
• How solicitors and barrister are structured and regulated, examining how they interact with:

i) The Solicitors Regulation Authority and Bar Standards Board – the regulator for the solicitors’ profession and barristers’ professions respectively. Comparisons will be made with the US licensing of lawyers/attorneys
ii) The Law Society and the Bar Council– which is the representative body or professional association for solicitors and barristers respectively
iii) The Legal Ombudsman – which deals with complains about legal services in England & Wales; and
iv) the Legal Services Board - which is the single oversight regulator of the legal profession in England & Wales

• How solicitors are regulated and the operation of the SRA Codes of Conduct for Solicitors and Firms.
• Overview of the differing roles and functions of solicitors and barristers in England & Wales: looking at the main differences between the two professions, qualification and training for each of the professions and career progression in each profession.
• How firms of solicitors can be structured and the various entities through which solicitors can practice. Comparisons will be made with the legal profession in the US.
• Different types of firms of solicitors in England and Wales eg. Magic Circle firms, Silver Circle firms, American firms.
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This webinar is aimed at UCM’s law students as a taster for the upcoming two-week online training programme designed especially for Escuela de Práctica Jurídica, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The two-week online programme will provide delegates with an introductory and practical approach to key topics within key common law topics and the tools to develop their legal English skills.

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